Non-Profit Consulting

The services we provide to non-profit entities focus on the overall development of the organization. Our objective perspective and assistance significantly improves the processes for our non-profit clients as we do in the corporate world.

5 Step Evaluation & Improvement Model

Examine the financial health of the organization from the perspective of profitability and determine ways to maximize resources and reduce waste.


Determine existing policies and procedures, identify roles and responsibilities, examine internal processes, and make recommendations for streamlining all of it for the betterment of the organization.


Identify the existing and needed skills of current employees to provide the necessary development to maximize productivity.


Examine and assess the external observations and messaging of the organization’s people, processes, and products to determine ways to improve all three and increase grant request approval percentages.


Determine the most effective marketing and advertising solutions given the nature of the organization. Leveraging online tools such as social media and e-commerce to reach more clientele and larger donor base.

Project-Based Services for Non-Profits

Strategic Marketing
Many of our non-profit clients simply do not have the resources to employ professional in house marketing. We assist you in targeting specific demographics to generate individual donations, special event support, corporate sponsorships, and program participants by using industry-proven methods used by our Fortune 500 and small business clients. With any budget-conscious organization, securing a significantly higher return on your marketing initiatives always makes solid business sense.

Grant Writing
With a team of MBA staff writers who has significant grant writing experience, we’ll assist you through the tedious process of locating charitable foundations, preparing the grant applications, and submitting them for award. If providing budgetary projections poses a difficulty for you, we also provide a staff member to design your program budget in support of the grant requests. 

Creating successful fundraising initiatives for a non-profit can be particularly difficult when your staff lacks the institutional knowledge required to guarantee financial profits. We can assist you in creating new fundraising programs, re-engineering existing ones, and expanding their scope of support. We have taken clients from surviving on local supporters to establishing a national donor base. We can do the same for you. 

Special Events
Our special events design allows you to truly make a lasting impression on current and potential donors and contributors by adding dynamic program elements not found in the non-profit world. Our firm provides assistance with:

  • Strategic planning
  • Marketing initiatives
  • Logistics
  • Program design
  • Presenter preparations
  • Multimedia elements    


We will set your event well above the status quo. We also teach your staff to convert new leads into donors, and donors into long-term contributors. 

Volunteer Management Assistance
Most non-profits attempt to approach volunteers as though they are paid employees. This practice always fails. We’ll assist you in developing leaders who can engage and retain qualified volunteers to support the mission of your organization.

Board Development
Similar to the boards that oversee our large corporate clients, boards that oversee non-profit entities often are personally invested in the viability of the organization. Where corporate boards are financially interested, non-profit boards tend to be emotionally invested. This difference is key to developing a healthy Board of Governors or Board of Directors. We’ll help you set strategic goals for your board, the staff, and volunteers. We also assist you in clearly defining functional roles for all three, complementing one another, and directly impacting your success.

Board & Staff Selection
We’ll help you select appropriate nominees for board and staff vacancies who will meet your need for continued growth. By ensuring that the right people with specific skill sets and complementary personalities all work toward common goals, the future viability of your non-profit organization can be guaranteed.

Organizational Re-Engineering
As your non-profit entity grows beyond it’s initial scope of intent, it often becomes necessary to re-engineer your mission, resources, and overall direction. We’ll provide a road map to reduce or eliminate wasted resources, speed the process of transition, and ensure the efficacy of methods used. As a result, you’ll broaden your support base and be able to focus on measurable objectives.

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