Speaking Topics include:

  • Motivation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership
  • Inspiration
  • Overcoming Adversity


What Clients Can Expect

1) Connection With CrowdAudiences want to feel understood by the speaker. Derrik gets to know each group in advance to create humor and content that relates to their experience. He quickly builds rapport with his audiences, enabling him to more effectively relate his messages on leadership, inspiration, and entrepreneurship.

2) Stage Experience- Your meeting needs more than just an expert; it needs an expert motivational speaker. Derrik has been a motivational life coach for almost two decades. He’s spoken in auditoriums, classrooms, conference rooms, boardrooms,ballrooms, gymnasiums and living rooms. He’s managed audiences that were enthusiastic, tired, cynical and hungry. With Derrik’s many years of experience, you can feel confident in his ability to do a great job, no matter the circumstances.

3) Life Experience– More than a motivational speaker, Derrik has lived and worked through a series of life and professional experiences that lend him tremendous credibility. He truly lives his message, and with his experiences come powerful content and stories.

4) Motivation & Inspiration–Whether we like or not, all aspects of life have an emotional element. Derrik’s programs are about how to manage these feelings and thoughts so we can perform at a higher level and achieve our BEST!

5) Customized Programs– The best motivational speakers recognize that no two groups are exactly alike. While Derrik sticks to what he knows, he customizes every message to the needs of the client. He’ll ask questions and do his homework.

6) Easy To Work With– Derrik and his staff make the entire experience ALL ABOUT YOU. They will work with your organization on budget, message, materials, and any logistics in order to meet necessary deadlines.  Derrik will minimize requests and do everything he can to make your life easier, and your meeting more successful.  He wants you to look good and sleep well knowing that your event is in good hands.

Great motivational speakers both educate and entertain.
Derrik’s goal with any group is to get them to laugh and enjoy themselves while acquiring rock solid techniques for living and working better. Regardless of age or occupation, everyone wants to feel strong and operate at their best. Derrik’s got the stories, the humor and the content to help them do just that. Good motivational speakers should be able to inspire an audience without any hype or phony sales tactics. Audiences need authentic people that they can relate to backed up with practical, real world content that they can apply to their life.

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