Human Resources Strategy

Professional Coaching Consultants LLC meets the human resource needs for both small and large organizations. Whether you don’t have the luxury of an in-house HR department or if you lack specific institutional knowledge, we can help.    

Human Capital Lifecycle Management:Talent Acquisition
Recruiting key talent involves more than reading a resume and identifying necessary skill sets in a potential employee. Our clients depend on us to select key personnel because we know that identifying the right prospect is one of the most costly decisions made every year.

We can help you evaluate both “hard” and “soft” skills to bring the right candidate into your organization… one who fits your culture and can help move your organization forward.

Employee Assimilation
Once you’ve made the investment in new employees, it’s necessary to blend them into their new jobs and working environments. Failure to effectively shape their opinions in the early stages often becomes a financial drain. We can help you take the necessary steps to avoid this upheaval. 

Employee Development
With national employee turnover rates reported at 14.4%, most individuals report that lack of development and room to grow are their reasons for leaving. Now, more than ever, retaining qualified and dedicated employees takes so much more than a guarantee of retirement. Find out how the team at Professional Coaching Consultants can help you reduce turn-over to improve employee satisfaction and your overall organization.

Talent Retention
Retaining key talent requires a comprehensive approach   ̶ one that usually goes beyond advancement opportunities and individual development, including:

  • Salary and benefit package construction.
  • Employee wellness policy development.
  • Corporate perk creation.
  • Employee offset incentives.
  • Recognition programs.

…and other creative solutions that foster loyalty throughout your organization.

Performance Evaluation & Management
Developing employees and evaluating their progress involves much more than a well-designed paper trail. Managing employees and effecting positive change is a process   ̶ one that requires specific skills to:

  • Communicate strategic goals.
  • Secure buy-in.
  • Effect change through performance appraisal.
  • Empower employees to do their best work on their own initiative.


Recruiting and Retaining the Creative Class
The days of “company” men and women are over. The newest generation of Young Professionals demands a much different work environment and lifestyle than the generations before them. Globalization and outsourcing are changing the face of corporate America, and organizations that fail to plan ahead will struggle to hire key talent when the shortage arrives.

We will assist you by analyzing your climate, identifying YP turnover trends, and implementing measures that will attract the YPs to your organization. 

Succession Planning    
Having confidence in the future of your company can be a struggle unless you have a well-developed succession plan in place. Many factors contribute to the complexity of your plan.

Waiting for a pressing need before you think about succession planning leads to failure. Let us help you with this critical step to maintain the success of your organization.

Conflict Resolution
We are experts in mending dysfunctional teams and assisting our clients to regain task and customer focus. With skilled mediators who provide unbiased feedback and observations, we work to restore corporate function through collaboration, team agreements, and strategic goal setting. 

Pre-Employment Screening
Most recruiters and career counselors only provide you with candidates who present qualifying “hard skills” and attributes. We understand the importance of “soft skills” in determining the right fit for your organization.

We have multiple psychological assessments, counseling techniques, and strength inventories to assist us in identifying the prime applicants your organizations’ needs. Hiring the right people is just as important as not hiring the wrong ones. Effective pre-employment screening is the solution to doing both. 
Exit Interviews & Attrition Reports
Organizations that face high turnover ratios must examine the cause for their employee loss and the financial impact that loss has on the company.

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